Your Own Gratitude


Sometimes, it's easy to get sucked into a loop of jealousy and not so easy to stay grounded in your own gratitude. If others have the job we want, or make more money than we do, or have apparently more fulfilling relationships, or better health and looks... we tend to ignore our own life by obsessing over theirs. Comparison hangover ensues.

What if your appreciation turned things from ordinary into extraordinary? Or what if your gratitude revealed that your life is inherently magical but you've been conditioned to take it for granted? What if your life is perfect for you?

The more I closely look at who and what surrounds me every day, who and what has been by my side for years, decades even, the more I reverently, euphorically burst with gratitude. There's so much in your life right now that's geared toward bringing out the best in you. Your own gratitude lights the way.