Your Purpose in Life is Not to Worry About Your Weight

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Times are crazy. Emotions are high. Stress is at a maximum for many of us, and it seems we’re constantly bombarded with a new article that makes us feel hopeless, fearless and powerless. It can make you want to skip the gym or eat whatever food is in front of you -- maybe all the food that’s in front of you.

And that’s why, right now, we at Fit Bottomed Girls have more women than ever coming to us because they just cannot seem to break away from the obsession with the number on the scale -- especially as it keeps creeping up.

Call it emotional eating. Call it coping. Call it whatever you want. It’s all human and we’re all doing the best we can.

With everything that we’re collectively going through, please remember one thing: you were not put on this planet to obsess about your weight. And doing so actually gives your power away.

Obsessing about the number on the scale or beating yourself up over what you did or didn’t eat is nothing but wasted energy. And that’s energy that you need --- energy that we all need -- to make this world a better place.

Now, I don’t know what your soul purpose is. It may be to run for office or lead a protest. Maybe it’s to raise a family of questioning minds who put love first. Maybe it’s to be the person who brings kindness to the DMV (hey, it exists!). Maybe it’s to make others laugh or to rescue dogs or kittens -- or to help others to find their place in the world. It can be any number of things.

But I guarantee you that obsessing about your weight is not it. Hate -- including hate toward yourself and your body -- does not deserve a place in your life. Forget about the number on the scale and focus on doing the things that make you feel truly good inside and out.

Make healthy choices from a place of self love and respect. Don’t do it because you “should” or as a way to be something you’re not or as a way to distract yourself from your real life’s work. Do it for you. Do it for us.

We need you --- all of you -- right now.

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