YOUR TAKE: Are The New Facebook Changes Good Or Bad?

Facebook's Recent Changes: Like It Or Leave It (For Google +)?

You've all seen the recent Facebook changes and you've all formed your opinions about them. Considering that teens spend an average of 90 minutes a day on Facebook, you're going to be more effected by these changes than pretty much any other demographic.

A survey of 2,000 14 to 17-year-olds revealed what teens like and love about the new Facebook -- and also what makes them want to leave the site. Many teens who participated in the survey called the changes "confusing, annoying, disappointing and useless," and said that they are considering spending less time on Facebook as a result. But it's not all bad -- 27% said that the new timeline was their favorite Facebook feature.

Some disgruntled teens are turning away from Facebook and looking to Google+ as the next go-to social network. One participant in the survey said, "I still like Facebook better, but I can see Google+ taking over in the near future," while another claimed, "If [Facebook] makes more changes, I'll probably stop using it and go over to Google+."

How do you feel about the recent Facebook changes? Are you thinking of switching over to Google+? Tell us in the comments!

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