Your Talent; Your Weapon; Your ASTRO HERO

Super Heroes are great! They have wonderful powers, extraordinary energy and create intricate exciting stories. They are universal and the weapons, abilities, and origins that are part of their mythology have entertained children and adults for years. Heroes speak to the desire in us all to get the villain and clean up evil. Their flaws speak to our human yearnings as they brave danger and are tempted by vengeance but choose truth, justice, and compassion.

In ancient times a Hero was a strong mortal man who achieved immortality through praise. The poets sang of the wrath of Achilles, strength of Hector, or the verve of Nestor when they fought the Trojan War. Their swords, shields, armor or bows became signature weapons that the poets praised almost as if the weapons had supernatural powers.


As readers may know my Heroes, the Astro Heroes, do not come from Mt. Olympus, Krypton, or Gotham. They come from the stars above us all and their myths speak of essential characteristics that each star sign embodies. If the ancient poets were to sing the praises of the Astro Heroes they would herald the:

Daring of FIRE KID (Aries). Strength of TERRADORA (Taurus). Quick wittedness of MEGA TWIN (Gemini). Tenacity of NIGHT QUEEN (Cancer).
Leadership of KING PRIDE (Leo). Purity of PERFECTA (Virgo). Balance of YIN YANG (Libra). Intensity of STINGER (Scorpio). Speed of ARCHER (Sagittarius). Steadfastness of CAP'N DETERMINED (Capricorn). Originality of ZIG ZAG (Aquarius). And the Intuition of WONDER DREAMER (Pisces).


And like the ancients, each Astro Hero has an ultimate weapon to protect themselves and all members of their Astro tribe. Try to match the weapons below with each Astro hero. (hint: the weapons are NOT in order of the zodiac signs)

1. Magic Tinder
2. Broom that sweeps out evil
3. Mirror of Glory
4. Scale that balances truth and lies
5. Phoenix Button: destroys and recreates from the ashes
6. Magic Net that ensnares and imprisons
7. Mountain Mover that carves a path through any landscape
8. The Color Zapper
9. The Binding Claw
10. Arrow of Brutal Honesty
11. Rapier of Wit
12. Molten Gold

If the myths and weapons of the ancient Greek Heroes encouraged and fortified people why not see how the Astro Heroes can entertain and give you an imaginative boost? Why not see if your Astro Hero can offer you a new way of seeing yourself?


Everyone has a talent to draw on. Most of us do not fight an intergalactic war or save the planet but small daily victories and the way we win them help us see ourselves in perspective. Kids love to see themselves as characters in a story. Tell that 8 year old Leo who is on the verge of a tantrum that KING PRIDE must rule quietly and effectively. And for adults cogitating on seemingly unsolvable problems, imagining your Astro Hero's talents and weapons might give you a unique and fun solution....or at least entertain you while you ponder.

Hopefully the poets will sing your praises!

1. FIRE KID-Aries; 2. Perfecta-Virgo; 3. King Pride-Leo; 4. YIN YANG-Libra; 5. Stinger-Scorpio; 6. WONDER DREAMER-Pisces; 7. CAP'N DETERMINED-Capricorn
8. ZIG ZAG-Aquarius; 9. NIGHT QUEEN-Cancer; 10. ARCHER-Sagittarius; 11. MEGA TWIN-Gemini; 12. TERRADORA-Taurus.