Your Thoughts Matter

Our thoughts are actually the soil from which springs our varied words and actions. In simple words, we live out in our daily life what we think about continually. Thoughts are intangible, but they are powerful, and their results are clearly seen, when acted upon. There is a saying that we are all creatures of habits.

This is true. But what gives birth to the habits we develop are the thoughts which we allow to develop, persist and take root in our souls daily.

Our minds, with its various parts such as our intellect, imaginations, wills, memory and emotions, are the breeding ground of our belief systems, opinions and over-all attitude toward life.

We advance in life or we limit ourselves by our thoughts. Indeed, the Great Creator Himself states, "as a man thinks in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) Again, he admonishes us, not to be conformed to this world, with all of its negativity, evil, violence and wickedness, but rather to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, so that we may prove for ourselves what is that good, acceptable and perfect will of God. (Roman12:2)

What does it mean to have a renewed mind? And how can we know when we have developed sound thinking skills which lead to success, victory and maturity? It stands to reason that if we are going to change circumstances in our lives that we desire to see changed, we must first change how we think in reference to those circumstances. In other words, we must take on a new way of thinking, a new mind-set, in order to walk a new walk and talk a new talk.

The process of mind renewal takes place on a daily basis, as we hear and receive new information, accurate information, information which is in line with God's thoughts and in line with truth. We find His thoughts concerning us and concerning life in The Holy Bible. Here are three different steps to getting our minds thinking differently, based upon God's will, plan and purpose:

Realize that the Creator gave us our minds. This makes the development of our minds our personal responsibility. We are the custodians of our thoughts. We must guard our minds and what stays in them, for out of them will come the issues of our lives. In other words, we will produce without based upon what we have allowed to remain within. Thinking right will cause us to believe right, speak right and do right. Thinking wrong will cause us to speak wrong, believe wrong and do wrong. Whatever we allow to dwell in our thoughts long enough will become what we experience in our lives. Proper and sound thinking will set you free from bondage, but wrong and unhealthy thinking will put you and keep you in slavery to addictive habits, patterns and problems. So guard your thought life diligently.

Read The Holy Bible and other good books, to gain knowledge which the mind can feed upon constantly. Our minds operate by knowledge which is fed into it. So, if it is constantly hearing and feeding upon positive things, it will bring forth positive results. Feed the mind. Do it on purpose. Do not allow just anybody to dump things in your mind, without examining them in the light of truth, to ensure that your mind thinks right and properly.

Apply good wholesome and godly information to your life. Nothing happens without action. So, as you gain knowledge, and push your mind to think positive, do what you read. Do not procrastinate. Act and act now. For example, if you see that it is good, godly and proper to work and save, do so. Refuse to be idle. Refuse to hang with friends who see labor as slavery. Work is a good thing, and can prove to be a great source of joy and fulfillment, if you discover your God-given purpose and pursue that as your work.

Thinking differently will result in living differently. So if you do not like how you are living, begin the process of changing the way you think and you will change your life.