Your Tiniest Ideas Will Have the Biggest Impact

Your Tiniest Ideas Will Have the Biggest Impact
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I spend a lot of time concocting lists of random ideas to make my life better. If I have a problem, I can immediately hatch a plan to fix it. Over the years, though, I've learned my "great ideas" cause more problems than they solve.

In the heat of the moment -- stress building -- I'll come up with a complex scheme, and go off to implement it, not realizing the added complexity will eventually cause even bigger problems. Consequently, I've learned it's when I have the restraint to follow my tiniest, most simple ideas that I benefit most.

The elegance of a tiny solution to a big problem is a thing of beauty. That's why I love Southwest Airlines's story of near failure turned massive success from the tiniest change.

It's a testament to the power of tiny ideas, and it illustrates the rules for identifying, committing to, and following through on your best ones. How do you nurture a tiny idea into a great success? Like this.

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