Chicken Noodle Soup.

It’s a cozy comfort food.

And research finds it’s as immune boosting as grandma said.

BUT I never was a fan of chicken noodle soup.

Until NOW.

My husband & I started separating the chicken & noodles out. of. the. soup.

That changed everything.

Now I can make it EXACTLY how I want it…

1. Put veggie broth in your bowl

2. Pick your protein [chicken or chickpeas]

3. Add noodles [a lot or a little]

When you separate the ingredients, you can create a bowl of soup YOUR WAY…

CLASSIC: broth + chicken + noodles

VEGETARIAN: broth + chickpeas + noodles

LOW-CALORIE: more broth + less protein + less noodles

GRAIN-FREE: broth + chicken & chickpeas + skip noodles

Come & Get It!

YOUR-WAY Noodle Soup



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