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Your Weight Is Just a Symptom

Getting to the root of your weight issue will begin your healing process to total body freedom forever. You deserve that.
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happy woman under a tree in...
happy woman under a tree in...

Something really heartbreaking happened this past Saturday.

A lot of people were hitting the beach with friends and family (yes, it was warm where I live) and I, of course, was happy to join them.

I found myself sitting next to a family, and the mom was obviously embarrassed to take off her clothes and be seen in her bathing suit. Her family was in the water playing games, yet she remained covered in her baggy clothes, even in the scorching hot temperatures.

She caught my attention because I used to be the same way, and my heart broke for her. It's painful to live in shame about who you are. I watched as so many lost moments went by that she didn't engage with her family, missing out on creating really great memories.

When I learned strategies to let go of shame, guilt, and self-loathing, my entire life changed. I made better choices with my food, found pleasure in moving my body, deepened my relationships, even created more rewarding job opportunities that I never thought were possible for me before.

You can have this, too!

I want you to feel great in a bathing suit and never worry what others think of you again. I want you to have a deep level of self-respect and self-love, in a way that you've never known before. I want you to look and feel amazing, simply because you're a radiant human being.

The thing I've learned about weight is that it's never really about the weight. The weight is only a symptom to something deeper going on inside. The challenge for most people is discovering what that something is.

Getting to the root of your weight issue will begin your healing process to total body freedom forever. You deserve that.

Even if you have tried a thousand times to lose weight, or you feel it will never work for you, or you believe you've messed up your metabolism, it's time to unveil what's really happening and put an end to it once and for all, so you can live a happy life!

Three Tips To Discover What Your Weight Is Trying To Tell You:

  • 1. Slow down and listen: It's time for you to slow down, my friend, and learn the skill of listening to your body, heart, and soul and actually hearing what they really want. I don't want you to just listen, I want you to also take action. Clear your schedule of things that you aren't passionate about, take time to yourself every day (you can start with five to 10 minutes) to get in touch with you, schedule in you time on your calendar and treat it like an appointment with someone you would never flake on.
  • 2. Master your emotions:
  • If you're turning to food to check out from your feelings (stress, anxiety, sadness, grief, frustration, resentment) then there is most likely some extra weight due to this. Mastering your emotions means that no matter what life throws at you (divorce, bankruptcy, death of a loved one), you are able to stay in control and empowered and not get thrown into the bag of cookies to numb out to what you're feeling. This is a crucial skill to master for long term results with your weight loss.

  • 3. Keep your eye on the goal:
  • You're going to have some growing pains as you get to the root of what's behind your weight. Be kind to yourself and stay consistent. It's very easy to get sidetracked when the going gets tough. Don't let it happen to you again! This time make sure you have a support group around you, find a mentor, get your cheerleaders and accountability partners in place, keep your eye on your goal, buckle down and do it. You can not waste another day of your precious life being overweight and unhappy. It's not how you want to live!

    I know you can do this, be kind and nurturing with yourself as you discover the underlying cause of your weight, it will lead you to real freedom.

    I believe in you.

    All my love,