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You're a Diet Prisoner, I'm Sure

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You've Been Programmed To Think You Can't Lose Weight!

The media has an enormous influence on your thoughts around weight loss...

You have billboards, TV, and magazines screaming at you to be thinner, even the social conditioning in your home growing up, and the friends that you currently keep...

They are all influencing you to think a certain way about weight loss and your body.

What I want you to get from today's post is that you don't have to fall victim to the negative influence of others. It's your CHOICE to understand that you can lose weight, and I don't care what the media is telling you.

If you're like most of my clients in the beginning, you underestimate yourself and what you're capable of in regards to weight loss.

The most important thing you can understand is this...

You Can Change The State Of Your Weight Starting TODAY!

The truth of the matter is that the best authors, speakers, and gurus can give you the most cutting edge information on the planet to help you lose weight, but if you don't REALLY want to, all that information won't matter.

If you don't take ACTION, all of the great information you receive is useless. It's in one ear and out the other.

So my question to you is this... what's the FIRST STEP you're going to take NOW to start your weight loss journey? How will you get into ACTION, so you can begin to see results?

My suggestion to you is FIRST clean up the negative self-talk that is going on in your head. That voice that says things, such as...

  • "Weight loss will never happen for you."
  • "Your body isn't designed to be slim."
  • "Weight loss is too hard, its not worth the struggle."

These inner dialogues will kill all positive efforts that are moving you towards your goal. It's crucial that you turn them around, so that your body can respond in a positive way... meaning lose weight naturally and KEEP IT OFF!

When I say "keep it off" I don't mean through restriction and deprivation, I'm referring to keeping it off because who you NATURALLY are for yourself is someone who is making decisions based on "What makes me feel good?" vs. "What will make me skinny?"

You see, if you're constantly doing things so you can be "skinny," eventually the energy of restriction and deprivation sets in. Your inner rebel will arise and throw all your efforts out the window. Making decisions based on what makes you feel GOOD, now that's a different story!

To help you further with this piece, I made you a short video to get your first step into action. Click here to view it now.

And be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below. I want to support you through this process!

All my love,

PS: You're only one good decision away from starting this amazing journey. You can do this! Click here to get your first step going.

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