15 Signs You're A Better Cook Than You Think You Are

1. You can make toast without burning it.

In this day and age of at-home sous vide machines and homemade charcuterie enthusiasts, it's easy compare yourself to these weekend cooking warriors and feel like you don't actually know a thing about cooking. All too often we hear people say they don't know how to cook, and then find they can whip up a proper meal with no problem. This is an issue for us because it's discouraging to those who are learning to cook -- and doing a great job at it.

We're putting an end to this. We came up with a list of signs that you are actually a much better cook than you think. If any of these sound like you, we have one thing to say: keep at it!

1. You can make toast without burning it.

2. You know how to make pasta without looking at the package for instructions.

3. Cereal isn't the only thing you make for breakfast.

4. You use your oven for actual cooking, not as an opportunity for extra storage.

5. You can make a chicken dinner without looking up a recipe. We're not saying it'd come out amazing, but you can do it and it'll be edible.

6.You've made bacon and eggs before at the same time.

7.You own a pot, a pan AND measuring cups.

8. You use your stovetop more than you do the microwave.

9. You understand what it means to dice.

10. You've cooked for other people. And they ate it.

11. The idea of baking something that isn't slice n' bake is something you can get behind.

12.You've made stock from scratch, at least once. Or, you at least have an idea of how it's done.

13. You know that mac and cheese doesn't only come from a box.

14. When you make dinner, it's good 75 percent of the time.

15. But you still know that ordering pizza is always a great idea.

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