"You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch?" Nope. "You're an A**hole, Mr. Trump"

You're an asshole, Mr. Trump,
You really are quite frightening,
Your mouth is always running,
You're qualified for nothing,
Mr. Trump

You're a bigot, Mr. Trump,
"Ban refugees and Muslims!"
You'll cause nothing but problems,
You have no sense of justice,
Mr. Trump

You are sexist, Mr. Trump,
You call us "dogs" and "bimbos,"

From the back seat of your limo,
To you, we're just sex symbols,
Mr. Trump

You're a bully, Mr. Trump,
Mocking the disabled,
And imitating Asians,
Your gall's the stuff of fables,
Mr. Trump

You scare me, Mr. Trump,
The rednecks, they adore you,
Casting their votes for you,
The liberals all abhor you,
Mr. Trump

You're a danger, Mr. Trump,
A nasty billionaire,
With ideas crazy as your hair,
You're our worst nightmare,
Mr. Trump

Yep - you're an asshole, Mr. Trump,
Drunk on all your power,
Basking in your malice,
Go back to your tower,
Mr. Trump

Three words that describe you are stink, stank, stunk!