12 Comics To Remind You That You're A Flawed But Amazing Human Being

For when you feel a little less sure of yourself than usual.

Tori Press, the woman behind the Instagram account revelatori, creates illustrations for times when you’re doing fine, but could be better.

You know, like when you can’t stop ruminating on negative thoughts:

Or feel heartsick for home:

Or for when you start to feel like you’re the sum of your mistakes, instead of a deeply-flawed-but-still-great human being:

Press, 35, told The Huffington Post that she draws to help herself cultivate more mindfulness, gratitude, and self-acceptance.

“I draw the messages I really need to hear, not because I’ve fully internalized them or even because I always believe them myself, but because drawing is a part of my path toward that goal,” she explained.

Initially, the Los Angeles-based illustrator only shared the doodles on her personal Instagram and Facebook accounts. But after receiving positive feedback from family and friends, she made them public.

“I found so many people responding ‘me too!’ or ‘I really needed to hear this message!’ that I realized my struggles are more common than I thought,” she told HuffPost. “I hope I inspire a little more peace, joy, gratitude, and self-love in the world through my art.”

See more of Press’ comics below and be sure to check out her Instagram feed for more:

Happy Friday! It's a great day to hit the reset button.

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Don't believe everything you think.

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This is the kind of day I had today. And it's okay to have this kind of day.

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Give yourself permission! 🙌

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No shame in my weekend game. (Full disclosure, I also did some laundry.)

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You can't control which thoughts you have. You can control which thoughts you focus on.

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