You're Invited to My Oscar Party: A Feast of the Southern Wild

You are cordially invited to:

A Feast of the Southern Wild: An Oscar Dinner Party to Remiserablé

A night filled with stars and studs, winners and losers, but mostly just a lot of double-sided tape. Bring your friends! Unless your friend is a shipwrecked tiger.

Who's Zero Dark Thirsty? Our signature cocktail of the evening will be the Brandy Scooper -- a chilled tumbler of Sky(fall) Vodka made from Juniper Lawrence berries and garnished with a slice of Denzel Washington apple, served by waiters wearing black trash bags.

First Course

Chastainably grown Sally Field green salad with Steven Iceberg lettuce
Lincorn rods served with D'Jogurt Unchurned Dip
A Daniel Date Lewis stuffed with Braved Cheddar and Tommy Brie Jones
Shuck-It-Ralph oysters on the half Shellen Hunt

Second Course

A giant Mark Boal of Quionazhané Wallis
Joaquîn-fried Noami Kumquats
Les Miseribs & Silver Dollar Playbook Pancakes
Hugh Flapjacks sprinkled with Christoph Saltz
FrankenWeenies in ParaNorbuns
Philip Seymour Hamburgers
Snow White and the Hamburgers
Anne Hamburgers

Main Course

Life of Pot Pie (ingredients TBD but there will definitely be Tang Lee pairings)


Fresh baked Lardgo biscuits with Alan Pumpkin butter Chef's Pick: How to Survive a Plate of The Mustard A Goblet De Niro of Amourville Redenbacker Popcorn

Your presence but no presents, unless the present is a Vanity Fair gift bag. I heard this year they have Esc-Argo!

Happy Oscars weekend! What are you serving at your party?

The Hostess would like to thank The Academy and also Jeff Klingman and Hollyn Mcmanus for coming up/ bringing the pancakes, ribs, and Esc-Argo, respectively