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You're Never Too Old to Get Into Shape

I've been working out for over 50 years and I can't imagine any other way in life. It all started when I was in High School and playing Lead Guitar in a Rock Band. I wanted to look good on stage and I was 148 pounds at 6 feet in height.
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I've been working out for over 50 years and I can't imagine any other way in life. It all started when I was in High School and playing Lead Guitar in a Rock Band. I wanted to look good on stage and I was 148 pounds at 6 feet in height. I felt skinny like the guy who got sand kicked in his face at the beach. I hooked up with a couple of football players who worked out in their back yard and began hitting the weights with them. It wasn't but a few months that I saw muscles grow and gained about 20 solid pounds. I started reading muscle magazines and learning all I could to benefit myself.

This really inspired me to add more plates to the bar and lift heavier. I competed in power lifting and did really well with a 445-pound bench press. I moved over to the local YMCA that had a better weight room where I could advance my training. The weight room wasn't the best but at least I could train my body parts better. It wasn't long before other people were asking me for advice on how to get into shape and especially some older men.


The YMCA hired me to give weight training classes and I had a few older people who really began to improve mobility and lose body fat.


I transferred to a known health club that was first class and worked there training people three times a week. The owner had a workout card he gave everyone and I thought that it was the wrong thing to do as you can't give everyone the same routine. Everyone's body is different and needs certain care. I decided to give them personalized programs and they were getting great results. The owner wanted me to stick to his plan but then I explained that this was working better and bringing more people in to the gym by word of mouth.


It was amazing to me how a little resistance training would really benefit the elderly. I"m not talking about heavy weights but moderate resistance with machines and cables. Instantly these people had more energy, more mobility and a much improved attitude.

At that time, I had gone into Professional Wrestling which is a huge strain on the body but my workouts got me through the pain and recovery. So, I basically incorporated the two together.


Then came my diet which I've used for the past 50 years. Basically it's a bodybuilding diet of high protein and low carbohydrates several times a day. It keeps lean muscle mass and very low body fat and works like a charm.

Bodybuilders were the first to discover this diet in the 1930s, then came the Zone, Atkins, Beverly Hills and other names for the same diet.

I had many injuries from pro wrestling over the years but the workouts and diet helped me recover in no time.


I would watch elderly people walk through the malls and wonder to myself why they limp and look crippled and so out of shape. After talking to a few people, they told me that they ever exercised or watched what they would eat. I corrected a few of them and could see some good improvement.

Now, 50 some odd years later at 71, I still go the gym six days a week like a ritual even if I feel off that day. It's my therapy not only physically but mentally as well. I've never felt so complete as after a good work out.



I would suggest to any age to get into the gym and do something, anything for that matter to keep the body moving. If you don't use it, you lose it. Then take a look at your eating and correct that as well. Don't look at long term but one meal at a time and eat right. I eat out a lot but found even on menus I can adjust what I need.

It's never too late to do this. We have gym members in their 90s and they're alert and look great.

Don't put this off, start today and you'll feel better tomorrow. By the way, I mentioned reading the muscle magazines back in the beginning and a few years later I was that guy in the magazines many times over.



Leg workouts are important. It's your foundation, so don't neglect them.

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