62 Signs You Are A Full-Fledged Adult Now, Sorry

Taxes and debt and responsibilities, oh my!

Do you have a steady job, car payments, student loans, taxes to file and a buttload of other responsibilities? Does your idea of a fun Friday night involve staying in, drinking wine directly out of the bottle, watching Netflix documentaries and avoiding social interaction? Yeah, thought so.

We don't know how to break this to you, but you're a grown up. Don't freak out, you should be proud. Look at how far you've come since starting out in a literal ballsack. We think that's pretty impressive.

If you're still shaking your head in disbelief, mumbling "Adult? Me? lol nah," check out this list and see for yourself. Yay adulthood! Yay you!

You're somewhat mature.
You understand how to build good credit. Well, kind of...
You drink real wine now. And it's not out of a box. Or a bag.
Your idea of a fun, impulse buy involves sink accessories.
You now side with the adult characters in children's movies.
You've questioned how you even got to this point.
And you've realized that growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be.
You've learned what it means to treat yourself.
You can't even count all your bills on your fingers and toes.
You find joy in some of the most mundane things in life.
You miss the days of being young, wild and free.
You know all the struggles of employment all too well.
Your adulting has actually caught you off guard.
You've learned the hard way that no paycheck will ever be enough.
You can basically do whatever you want for dinner.
You've had multiple quarter life crises over your many grownup problems.
You've become ridiculously nostalgic when it comes to your childhood.
You have to take care of yourself now.
You've taken the time to plan your meals ahead of time.
You've experienced the nightmare that is tax season.
You now have to schedule your own doctor appointments and checkups.
You've done reckless shit like this:
Your perspective has totally shifted.
You finally understand the meaning of the circle of life. Kinda.
You relate to this terrifying summary of adulthood:
You actively miss playgrounds.
You've come to the sad realization that your degree doesn't mean anything.
You're a seasoned pro at "adult Tetris."
You've become jaded.
You have no more f*cks to give.
You've had this morbid-ass thought:
You don't really feel like an adult even though you are one.
You've realized those seven elves were absolutely miserable.
Sometimes you're bitter about life's ups and downs.
You've learned the hard way that applying for jobs is basically hell.
But you've totally mastered the art of job interviews.
You've actually had full-on conversations about the economy.
You view the concept of a monster under the bed in a whole new light.
You recognize that you harness great powers.
Your job is taking over your life.
You've contemplated many a conspiracy theory.
You feel this definition so hard, to the very core of your being.
Your friends want to hang out at fancy restaurants now.
You've realized just how freaking creepy your childhood shows were.
You wish nap time were still a thing.
You live for bargain shopping deals.
Your idea of going up on a Tuesday is pretty simple.
You've learned that Whole Foods is the Prada of grocery stores.
You always have crazy long and complicated forms to fill out and you never understand any of them.
Your idea of a celebration involves a strong drink and a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, all to yourself.
You basically have no idea what you're doing. And that's okay!

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