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You're Pretty But I'm Broke: Inexpensive Date Ideas

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Due to the previous hellish date post, I have decided to submit some fun inexpensive date ideas. Fellas (and ladies too), it's possible to have a great date without breaking the bank. The key is to get creative.

My big no-no is the Coffee Date, because let's be real, there is nothing sexy about coffee. And it aggravates my reflux. (I am proud to say that both Ms. Lohan and myself are on Nexium, according to the new drug reports issued. That's what you get for so many tequila shots missy! But then again, rampant heartburn is probably the least of your issues.)

1. Sitting/walking in a park/grassy knoll. This one is sorta dumb because it's hot as balls outside, but you might hang in Central Park or Dupont and enjoy the sunlight. (Remember to apply SPF. That can even be an activity! Sun tan lotion rubbing, sexy.)

2. Rollerskating/bowling. This one is fun, especially if you have poor balance. Be sure to make fun of each other. Bumpers optional, probably necessary. Your date gets a plus or minus ten for bringing his or her own ball, depending on how you look at it.

3. Hike. All the celebz hike in Runyon Canyon and look sexy doing it. Maybe if you're more outdoorsy, this date is for you. In the words of Someecards, "I'm outdoorsy in the sense that I like drinking on patios," so meh. But if you are scruffy, love Nalgenes and breaking-in hiking boots (I went a year in South America with hiking boots I wore once as a party trick), this is for you. You can sit on a rock and quote Thoreau and pretend to shun society.

4. Drinks. Why not drink your calories? But srsly, a few drinks are going to be cheaper than a meal, so either dump the bar nuts (you don't want to know where those have been) in your satchel or make a turkey sammich at home and head straight to the bar.

5. Dessert date. It's basically what you want anyway, so you can always go to a nice place and have a yummy molten chocolate cake. Girls love chocolate. The. End. And who doesn't love dessert? Ice cream or fro-yo is great too (the latter is probably better for a JDate, because lets be honest, Pinkberry is "totes the best hund-cal fro-yo," thank you Harvard Sailing Team).

6. Art gallery. I happen to think there is nothing hotter than a boy who likes art and can talk about it. Most galleries are free. Not to mention, if you don't have anything to talk about, you can always just talk about Cubism. So Wikipedia some Picasso and fake it til you make it...into someone's pantalones.

7. Free concerts. Doobies optional.

8. COOK, FOOL. Nothing says romance like someone cooking for you. It doesn't have to be any good, it's just the thought of it that says you care, or that says you can only afford two power bars and a side of microwaved popcorn. If you can't cook, pull a Cher Horowitz and stick a frozen burrito in the oven (and make sure your date isn't into boys!)

Ps. Both Cher and Alicia Silverstone are MOT*. (One's a real person, one has the world's most enviable closet.)

*Members of the Tribe.

Add more ideas in the comments! "Honey, you baked!"