You're Probably Not Your Best

I am surrounded by the best. The best new products, restaurants, or inventions. People love to vote on the best. I can't even count how many signs I see touting the best soup, studio or honor student. Really, who the heck is voting on things? If one or two people say it's the best, it must be right? Of course let's not forget Best Buy -- how could you go wrong there; it's the best?

Let's not forget besties and BFF. Seems like quite an honor to be one of these. When I was naive I thought it was beasties and couldn't figure why I wanted to be one of them. Most of us have BFFs that we can look to that are really the best. Until they do something stupid and become a demon. Are there WFF (worst friends forever)?

Some days we are not our best. Many outside and inside influences pull us down towards the median. Maybe your energy was lacking and you didn't put it all out there. You had a rattle that wouldn't go away or were preoccupied with something. There are a million and one reasons that might interfere, many out of our control.

Do we all have to be above average? Of course if we are, then the average changes. We all want to do our best all the time but really, it's a moving target. My best today in my work out is far from my best of three weeks ago, or when I was 21. But they were all bests. If you think about technology, the best of even six months ago is ready for the landfill now. And if it's not the best, we don't want it. Would you shop at Average Buy?

We must accept our current best, even if it is not our idealized best. We should continue to try and be our best but realize that it's okay if we don't achieve it... yet. As long as we try, we will continue to achieve. Savor each accomplishment, be it getting out of bed in the morning or summiting Denali. They all count.

So today may not be my best day but probably won't be my worst. The rest of the days are in the middle anyway.