Album Review: Yours to Take by These Hearts

In my opinion, one of the most annoying things to encounter is being in the mood to discover a new band, but either being too lazy to do the searching for it, or you get discouraged by all of the lousy bands that seem to be existing more. However, I feel like I finally hit the jackpot for a new band to jam out to on this summer's road trips with friends and days of laying out.

These Hearts, a band from Fargo, North Dakota, is a band that's really bringing something new to the table. Their genre, to me, is a mix between pop-punk and metal-core, and honestly, there's nothing better than that to me! Their style of screaming reminds me a lot of the vocals from We Came As Romans, while their clean vocals are much like A Day to Remembers'. These Hearts are also very instrumentally inclined if you're into this type of music; the breakdowns are simply amazing!

Yours to Take was a very impressive album. Just sitting in my kitchen listening to it, it seemed like the energy they put into the music was almost contagious. The album had featured many familiar names as well, like Bert Poncet (of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!) and Mattie Montgomery (of For Today). To be honest, I don't think that names like that would be contributing to a bands success if they didn't think they had some serious potential. In the past they have even worked with Craig Owens (former member of Chiodos and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows).

My favorite song off of the album so far is "Miserable." The chorus itself is catchy enough to have it stuck in your head for days on end, but aside from that, the lyrics are plain out really able to be related to. For me, what catches my interest in a band is really good lyrics that I can relate to on all different levels. To me, if a band's lyrics are about the same stuff in every single song, it is cliché and boring. These guys, however, had me listening the whole time; I didn't catch myself bored one time!

So, overall...

Pros of Yours to Take: Breakdowns, chants, clean vocals, screams and lyrics. Basically, just about everything!

Cons of Yours to Take: How short some of the songs are. They are still awesome, don't get me wrong, I just wish they were a little bit longer.

I give this album a solid five out of five stars. This album is something I will definitely be sharing with my friends and will be one of my summer's anthems. These Hearts is a band that is under-recognized that I hope gets the fame that they deserve in the next few years! I 100 percent recommend to give these North Dakota rockers a listen, you'll be impressed, I promise!