Youth Baseball Coaches Brawl, Learn Sportsmanship The Hard Way

It was all over a player switch.

You're outta here!

Two youth baseball coaches caught brawling on a video that went viral were sent to the showers -- permanently.

Cooper City (Florida) Optimist Baseball made the call Thursday in a statement posted on its website. "The Committee determined that both coaches violated our Coaches Code of Conduct," the statement read. "As a result, both coaches have been dismissed for the current season and barred from returning for future seasons."

"The Optimist Club is committed to ensure the best possible experience for the participants in our sports programs and does not condone or tolerate this type of behavior!"

According to an incident report obtained by the New York Daily News, a confrontation ensued on April 16 when one coach, Michael Freed, 39, took issue with a player switch made by opposing coach Alexander Diaz, 42. Words were exchanged, then the fight began in front of shocked youngsters.

Police investigated and no charges were filed. Diaz allegedly threw the first punch, and Freed told CBS Miami that he did not press charges because Diaz apologized.

Now they're both sorry.

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