Rejected! Youth Basketball Coach Appears To Block Own Player's Shot In A Game

Sports mentoring may have just hit a new low.

How many grownups out there have swatted away a small child’s shot in driveway basketball just for the heck of it? Probably more of you than you care to admit.

Now how many of you have coached a kids’ team and sprinted on to the court to block one of your own player’s shots in a regulation game?

That’s what makes this clip so, um, special. In a video quickly making the media rounds, what appears to be a coach in a real game rushes from the sideline to block his own player’s shot. Emphatically. Now granted, the player is shooting at the wrong basket, but we think Coach is taking his involvement a tad too far.

While the provenance and circumstance of the video weren’t immediately available, you might as well watch what could be sports-mentor infamy in the making.