YouTube Reveals Its Viral Secrets In April Fools' Day Video

Were you aware that YouTube made every single viral video on the Internet? Remember The Harlem Shake? Planking? Nyan cat? Yep, all created by YouTube -- according to this year's April Fools' Day prank from the video site.

In YouTube's April Fools' video, the company takes credit for creating and spreading every viral video ever made -- and introduces some new hot memes for 2014. Here they are:

Clocking -- People, or clockers, act as human clocks, explains Per De Graaf, the absurd fake director of this Clocking video.

Finish Line-ing -- "Set up a ribbon line for a stranger and cheer for them when they break through it."

youtube april fools

"Baby shaming" -- you mock your baby for doing baby stuff.

youtube april fools

"Glub Glub Water Dance" -- the "Gangnam Style" of 2014

Not only is YouTube introducing all of these "hot" new "trends," it's also opening it up to viewers. If you have an idea for a new meme, tweet it at YouTube with the hashtag "#NewTrends." Well played, YouTube.

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