YouTube Finally Lets You Know Which Browser Tab Is Making All That Noise

It appears those infuriating days of flipping through multiple browser tabs, looking for that one YouTube video making all that noise, are finally over. At least partially.

Whenever a tab is open to YouTube's website with the video playing in it, a new small black play button will appear on the tab that's making the noise. That tiny change -- available on Chrome, Firefox and Safari -- heralds the end of fumbling through a web browser to discover which YouTube video is making unwanted sound. The feature is also available on Spotify and SoundCloud (but not Pandora).

You can see what the feature looks like below:


The feature is not perfect yet. For example, the indicator doesn't appears on third-party websites, like The Huffington Post, when an embedded YouTube video plays.

But for those web surfers with multiple tabs constantly open, the tweak is a small but welcome addition. We encourage other audio-heavy websites to follow suit.



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