YouTube Complaints Get The Send-Up They Deserve From Barely Political (VIDEO)

Between relentless "first" commenters, the ramblings of illiterate racists, endless supplies of "sh*t ___ say" videos and videos simply titled "boobs," there are plenty of gripes to have when it comes to YouTube. Luckily, YouTubers have no problem voicing their complaints.

From comedy group Barely Political comes this spot-on sketch parodying the biggest complaints about the Internet's biggest video website. If YouTube had a reception desk where literally anyone could voice their opinions, this is probably what it would look like.

Look out for "Auto-Tune The News" stars The Gregory Brothers stopping by to ask about the mysterious "stuck on 304 views" issue and vlogger Jenna Marbles calling in to offer her opinion on YouTube's most recent redesign. Watch the video above.

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