YouTube Dedicates Homepage To Homelessness On Sunday, August 22


Activist and frequent HuffPost blogger Mark Horvath has dedicated years of his life to telling stories of the homeless through video (and an active twitter account @hardlynormal).

Despite an active following, Horvath's message hasn't quite made it into the mainstream. That'll change this Sunday, when Horvath will be taking over YouTube's homepage "with videos that smash stereotypes about America's most forgotten citizens."

Videos from Horvath's blog and YouTube channel,, will be featured on the front page for 24 hours to expose the humanity of the tens of thousands many Americans ignore every day.

Horvath's passion is palpable even via e-mail (his signature reads "Chief Evangelistic Officer, Do-Gooder and Loud Mouth"). Perhaps that's because he understands homelessness more than most Americans -- he lived on the streets of Hollywood for years.

The homepage curation comes at the midway point of Horvath's 2010 Road Trip U.S.A. He's traveling to 28 American cities, interviewing homeless individuals every step of the way.


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