YouTube 'Next Cause' Helps Nonprofits Drive Community Engagement

YouTube Launches 'Next Cause' To Help Nonprofits Change World Through Video

YouTube is making it easier for nonprofits to inspire and inform the online community of do-gooders.

The video sharing site has launched YouTube Next Cause, allowing nonprofits to promote their missions and get one-on-one consulting and community engagement tips to grow their YouTube presence, according to YouTube's blog.

Nonprofits can apply to attend a summit designed to help the organizations garner online involvement. Applications for YouTube Next Cause are due on Feb. 27.

"We’ve always sought to make YouTube a platform for nonprofits to broadcast their messages," the blog states, "...[And] with 4 billion views a day, we want to make sure nonprofits have the tools they need to reach the global audience on YouTube and turn video views into donations, volunteerism and awareness."

Its ability to drive donations has already been proven: In December, Project For Awesome Charity videos raised $64,000 on Youtube. The campaign, in its fifth year, encouraged people to flood the site with feel-good videos about their favorite charities.

YouTube has already launched a designated place for nonprofits to identify themselves, which adds a "donate" button the videos and offers exclusivity for members of nonprofits, among other benefits.

Check out some of the videos nonprofits are already posting to get their messages out.


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