YouTube Star Marina Joyce Says She’s 'Totally Fine' After Strange Behavior Causes Concern

Marina Joyce insists she's "not in danger" in a YouNow video.

After London fashion blogger Marina Joyce caused international concern in the YouTube community with her recent behavior, she confirmed to fans that she’s fine.

“I didn’t do this. It wasn’t me,” she said in a YouNow video when asked about her behavior. “You guys did this. You are the publicity people.”

The tag #SaveMarinaJoyce was trending for over an entire day after the blogger posted a video to her account in which she behaved strangely. Many fans became concerned for her well-being. 

In the video posted Friday, Joyce raves about a dress she’s wearing, a typical post for prominent YouTubers who are paid by brands to wear or use their products. However, viewers were quick to point out Joyce’s weird behavior and the bruises that appeared to be on her arms and back. 

Some also claimed to hear Joyce say “help me” in the clip, leading a few fans to call the authorities. 

Aside from her actions, the video also shows a hand seemingly instructing Joyce where to go next. At one point, whomever the hand belongs to is shown holding a piece of paper that many identified as a script, which would be odd since Joyce’s videos usually appear to be unscripted and spontaneous. 

After she posted the video, Joyce tweeted for her fans to meet up to “party” with her in Bethnal Green in London at 6:30 a.m. Many prominent YouTubers began telling their followers not to go to the meet-up, fearing a trap. 

Since all this worry erupted, viewers have been combing through Joyce’s videos looking for signs, and JustPaste.it wrote a play-by-play of her recent video. Many fans pointed out that a gun was seen in one of her videos and that she appears frightened and disoriented in posts. 

Joyce’s recent videos noticeably differ from those she posted a year ago. She appears more anxious, continually repeats herself and slurs her words. When a fan recently asked if she was OK, she commented “yes” before quickly writing “no.” 

Some think Joyce may be facing drug addiction, mental health issues or domestic abuse. Local police, however, visited the blogger’s house and confirmed that she was safe. 

Joyce tweeted that she was “totally fine” and “feeling very good,” and later began live-streaming on YouNow to assure her fans of her safety.

In the livestream, Joyce said that she cannot explain the bruises but said that they are the result of a “sad story,” later adding that she “fell over in the park.”   

When asked how she felt about the media attention on YouNow, the blogger said she is not in danger and added that the recent events were a “blessing” to her because she “really cares” about her new fans. She also celebrated hitting one million subscribers in the video.


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