YouTube Star Shuts Down Grammatically-Challenged Trolls With Epic Song

Go read a dictionary, trolls.

Mean YouTube comments sound so much cuter when you put them to a tune. 

With over 2.5 million subscribers, YouTube star Colleen Evans (formerly Colleen Ballinger) receives all kinds of messages in the comments section -- including vicious ones that have very (very) poor grammar. To get back at these grammatically incorrect, bullying commenters, Ballinger created a hilarious song on July 28 using their mean and incorrectly spelled messages. 

"Reading mean comments, it’s fun to do," Ballinger coos. "Feeling worse about myself all because of you. But the joke’s on you, so keeping saying 'I want u killsd' cause your comments make me money and you’re paying my bills.” 

A few gems from Ballinger's grammatically incorrect peanut gallery include, "First of all u are haribile," “Are you insain," and, of course, “I hatte you, you are so dumm Whore.”  

Towards the end of the video, Ballinger adds that she does get nice comments along with the mean ones.

"Instead of letting them affect me in a negative way, I choose to sing about them and poke fun at them right back," Ballinger says. "Because let’s be honest, anyone who has grammar that terrible is very uneducated and is probably living in their parents’ garage or basement at the age of 42. And yes, I’m assuming they're all male."

Go read a dictionary, trolls.

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