YouTube Video: World's Fastest Clapper

How many times can you clap in a minute?

In a new YouTube video, a man purportedly breaks the world clapping record, with 802 claps in a minute.

Watch the video here:

The Guinness World Records must still verify the claim from Bryan Bednarek's YouTube video, which was uploaded on June 2, 2013. The young Bryan is shown clapping in a rhythm with his eyes closed and headphones on. An iPhone times the amazing feat while a tally of claps increases in line with the rapid procession.

"How on earth was that counted?" says one comment to the video, while another one reads, "Don't applaud yourself before you finish.. oh wait."

Currently the record is held by American Kent "Toast" French who clapped his hands 721 times a minute in 2003, which he calculates as 12 claps per second.

A website on Kent quotes him as saying:

"As a musician I appreciate the tonal and rhythmic sounds of everyday things. During one of my household item jam sessions, I figured out that the mechanics of clapping were oddly inefficient, because the one hand basically remains stationary while the other does all the work. So I began experiementing with various ways to clap and eventually perfected my 'x-treme clapping' technique."

In 2007, a YouTube video of Kent clapping went viral with several million views. And here's a clip of him clapping to the theme song for Hawaii Five-O.

Now that's worth clapping about!