YouTuber’s Video Sparks ‘Cliff Wife’ Memorial Day Weekend Meme

A vlogger's video about his wife falling from a trail in Hawaii became this weekend's most unexpected viral meme.

“Cliff Wife” has dominated the social conversation on Memorial Day weekend and if you found yourself scratching your head, then strap in. Let’s take a tumble into the recesses of the internet together.

On Thursday, YouTuber Shonduras aka Shaun McBride shared a vlog about his wife slipping as they walked a Hawaii trail while on vacation. Despite falling and getting scraped up quite a bit, she was ultimately fine and able to continue walking with her family shortly thereafter.

McBride’s video referred to the experience as a “near-death” moment that was “traumatic” for their family.

“This really was a life changing experience that has changed our perspective on life, family, and each other,” he wrote in the caption for the video.

However, some social media users were skeptical about how McBride was able to document the ordeal.

Nothing about the video is meant to inspire humor, but the internet is a dark place and, whenever wives are involved, it likes to crack all the jokes. As such, McBride’s wife quickly became “Cliff Wife” and people had a lot to say about the whole thing: