YouTube's Biggest Female Star, Jenna Marbles, Launches Furry Children (WATCH)

Hilarious YouTube personality Jenna Marbles stops by the What's Trending studio (with her dog Kermit!) to show off her new stuffed animals of her furry children and take fan questions about all things YouTube.

"First of all, it took forever," she says of producing the toys of her doggies. "They were like a creative little process. We had to make them look like them, so we had some prototypes that were really bizarre. We had a Kermit that had rope legs. That was a no-go. It just looked like a floating body."

Other topics of discussion include which YouTuber she would date (that would be our co-host Ethan Newberry, of course), which YouTubers she ships (Ryan Higa and D-Trix), and her affinity for dying her hair different colors.

To win a signed Kermie Worm or Mr. Marbles stuffed animal, let us know your best pick up line in the comments below!

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