Blake Griffin: YouTube's Most Popular NBA Star (VIDEO)

YouTube's most most Popular NBA player isn't Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, or even Lebron James.

The high-flying style and tremendous dunks of the Clippers' Blake Griffin have made him the most popular NBA star on YouTube, and the fastest rising search among NBA players. Griffin is even the number one search in association with the term "highlights," trailed by Michael Vick in second.

The NBA has posted 17 videos of Griffin since the season began, topping all other NBA players, according to YouTube. Lebron James only has 14.

The YouTube blog says to expect another spike in Griffin's popularity in February, as he was just officially announced to be participating in the slam dunk contest.

The top 3 most viewed NBA videos on the popular video site are all clips of Griffin, who showed an even greater surge after the video of his performance against the Knicks (below), was posted.