You’ve Come Too Far to Settle Now

Hyatt House and Hyatt New Campaign
Hyatt House and Hyatt New Campaign

The Hyatt Place and Hyatt House new campaign — You’ve Come Too Far to Settle Now and the #WhySettle Spirit Awards launched on Wednesday, October 5, 2016.

At some point in time, you may have felt like you were burning the candle at all ends — between the presentation you need to put together, the meeting you need to prepare for and the email you need to write — but you just keep going forward, tackling your to do list and striving to meet your goals.

While nearly 53% of Americans failed to take a day off within the last year and an astounding 37% of employees said they hadn’t been on a vacation in more than two years (Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Confidence Index) — today’s workforce keeps powering through with a can-do attitude. Isn’t it time we acknowledge these movers and shakers and reward them for all that they do (you included!)?

Business travel focused hotels Hyatt Place and Hyatt House think so. Starting now through October 25, 2016, the brands will work together to honor these high-achieving individuals in an innovative way that pays homage to how we’ve recognized extraordinary people in the past with a personalized, modern-day take on the classic statue in their first-ever #WhySettle Spirit Awards. Chosen individuals who embody this “why settle” mentality will have the chance at receiving a customized statue — created in their likeness using cutting-edge 3D technology and featuring today’s must-have travel accessories.

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TIMING: 10/5/16 – 10/25/16

WHAT IT IS: A social call-to-action for colleagues, family and friends in the United States to nominate the person they think embodies the “why settle” spirit.

WHAT IS THE “WHY SETTLE” SPIRIT?: Individuals who travel tirelessly and have a can-do spirit when supporting everything from their business to their colleagues, family and friends and never accept “good enough” when it comes to reaching their goals.

WHERE: Hyatt Place or Hyatt House Facebook pages

HOW: Share nominee’s name along with the hashtags #WhySettle and #Entry with an explanation (no more than 300 words) of why nominee embodies the passion and commitment of the “#WhySettle Spirit” on the Hyatt Place or Hyatt House Facebook pages.

WINNERS: Over the course of 3 weeks a total of up to 30 winners will be selected.

PRIZE: A statue created in the winning nominees likeness using cutting-edge 3D technology with today’s must-have travel accessories – as well as a two-night stay at a Hyatt Place or Hyatt House hotel within the continental United States.

* Bevs Lim also writes for Lifestyle411.

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