You've Got David Blaine: Magician Submerges In A Tank, Spits Out A Goldfish (VIDEO)

David Blaine first gained recognition with his levitation tricks on "David Blaine: Street Magic" on ABC in 1997. He's caught the attention of pedestrians, and television viewers with his illusions and endurance artistry. Now, AOL has captured the well-known escape artist for the latest installment of "You've Got," in which Blaine performs a stunt in the New Jersey Liberty Science Center fish tank while talking about experiencing the "best side of humanity" at local museums.

Not short on tricks itself, the video features Blaine submerged in the tank with fish swimming around him while he "smokes" a cigar and even spits out a goldfish.

"When you're doing things that are real that seem impossible; that's a different kind of magic. It's-self gratifying," Blaine says.