If You've Never Cooked With 'Barbecue Butter,' Now Is The Time

Spoiler Alert: It’s Addicting

Everyone knows that New Orleans is synonymous with great seafood — but what is barbecue shrimp actually? Turns out, at Deanie’s Seafood it means an extremely insane amount of barbecue butter (butter with barbecue spices) melted in a pan before adding in shrimp and lots more barbecue spices on top. We’re talking multiple ice cream scoops of barbecue butter, people.

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The move is to go with a big group (the portions are ginormous), and zero in on that BBQ shrimp and the charbroiled oysters topped with parmesan cheese, both signature dishes, and both equally lip-smacking. Pro tip: Don’t wear white because you’ll wreck your favorite shirt (our host Molly Moker learned the hard way) and do take them up on the offer to wear a bib.

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