Yucatan? I'm not sure I can.

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I am adventurous by proxy. It is not my natural state of being. I often over-resist our adventures & then discover I'm having the time of my life. We are on the Yucatan Peninsula in Tulum. It is a gorgeous piece of land sandwiched between high fashion resorts gobbling up the natural curve & beach-front Caribbean. It's my first time into the depths of Mexico. One New Year's many moons ago, I spent the Eve with a friend in Rosarito & Encinitas. This part of the peninsula reminds me more of Thailand than the former cities. Sue Ann, my adventurous partner, brought me here to share one of her favorite spots on the face of the earth. Once again, chasing history proves nothing remains the same, as trendy tourism morphs this once truly remote paradise.

The journey from New York to Tulum was a bit jarring at the point I discovered our accommodations were to be more rustic than expected, i.e. less electricity, wifi and private bath. Communally rustic. We originally planned a gradual segue via posh Cancun, but my Mother was unexpectedly rushed to the ER the night before our departure date. A chilling reminder of my Dad's journey to the other side, his swift, downward spiral began the same way - in the emergency room. Either my mom's body or my mother is starting to rebel against her long-standing methods for managing her diabetes. After a few heartfelt days with family in the HackensackUMC, she was released. My big brother is taking the baton from seasoned, medical professionals. We left them both very early yesterday morning for a long journey into the Yucatan. Two trains, one plane & two buses later, I had a mini breakdown realizing how much I love my mom - once again facing the fragility of life, and the possibility of living it less another parent. How sobering these moments can be. How helpless I feel, and how ironic to process on a long bus ride, as New Year's Eve ticks down to yet another fresh start.

As I calculate the anticipated challenges of finding my morning cup of coffee, my mini breakdown ramped over the purchase of a large pink bottle of drinking water Sue Ann found at the local bodega. I was convinced the water was either pink or brown, but definitely not clear. And definitely not drink worthy. Panicking over my circumstances, exhausted from the past week, I found myself far from surrendered, still resisting my present moment reality.

When we finally arrived at Tulum's Shekinah BnB, we were greeted by a gentle man named Juan, our host originally from Argentina. He walked us up a swiss family Robinson type stairway to our treehouse lodgings. However impressive, I wasn't convinced I could pretend to be a hippy under the circumstances. Perhaps another time, but tonight all I could think about was my discomfort & my mom.

As it turns out, the eco-friendly lodging has a solar panel, so there IS electricity for a few hours a night. There IS wifi for part of the day, and Juan made us a delicious cup of coffee with almond milk & honey. Last night, as the new year turned, Sue Ann and I walked up our private beach, sat still gazing up toward the biggest, storybook stars I've ever witnessed, set in the blackest blue sky, ringing in my most romantic New Year's Eve to date.