NSFW Yule Log Reminds You Of Every Christmas Argument You've Had

A bickering married couple interrupt the crackling sound of the fire.

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and -- let's be honest -- the occasional argument. 

And this hilarious NSFW parody Yule Log video posted to YouTube tells it exactly how it is.

The crackling sound of the cosy fire and seasonally-themed jazz music are repeatedly interrupted by a bickering married couple.

The husband and wife, who we never see, argue over everything from how high the ornaments should go on the tree to the fact they're running out of ice.

Curse words and the F-bomb are launched at each other, especially when the woman questions how much alcohol her partner is drinking.

YouTube user sjshock posted the 57 minute clip online on Nov. 27. It's not known where the producers are from. But it appears to have touched a nerve with viewers, with one dubbing it as "the most Christmassy thing I've ever seen."

Actor and comedian Nick Offerman this year offers up an alternative Yule Log video, where he sits next to a fireplace sipping scotch as part of a Lagavulin promotion.

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