Yuri Wright, Top Football Recruit, Expelled From Don Bosco Prep Over Tweets

High School Football Star Expelled Over Tweets

By all accounts, Yuri Wright had a very bright future ahead him due to his prowess on the football field. The cornerback at New Jersey football powerhouse Don Bosco Prep was rated by Rivals.com as one of the top 100 prospects in the nation and had dozens of scholarship offers from coast to coast.

Now, as a result of a slew of sexually explicit and racially charged tweets, Wright is going to need to search for a new place to finish high school.

According to ESPN.com, Wright has been expelled from Don Bosco as a result of a series of tweets he made, which were reportedly ongoing between July and January of this year, that were deemed offensive.

Wright has since deleted his account, but several outlets have reported that Michigan, one of his finalists, has pulled their offer in the wake of the expulsion.

"He's a good kid and I think he has a bright college future and I wish him the best of luck," Don Bosco coach Greg Toal told The Star-Ledger in New Jersey. :There is no question Don Bosco had to do what it had to do."

There are plenty of instances of athletes getting in hot water over questionable tweets, just ask Gilbert Arenas. Given that this type of incident is all too common, by now one would imagine that even a high schooler would know better than to put such racy messages in the public sphere, but regardless, do you feel the punishment of expulsion fit the crime in this case?

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