Yves Rossy, Jetpack Man, Races Fighter Jets (VIDEO)

Yves Rossy has no fear.

Rossy, who has become famous for his high-flying jetpack, recently upped the ante a little bit, flying alongside two Albatross jets over the Swiss Alps at speeds of over 125 mph. According to the Guardian, the 120-pound custom built craft Rossy uses is the first of its kind.

The Swiss daredevil, who became the first person to take flight using a jet-propelled, fixed-wing craft in 2006, was formerly a pilot for the Swiss air force. In 2009, he attempted to cross continents (Morocco to Spain) but he encountered turbulence and was forced to bail into the Atlantic. The year prior he crossed the English Channel.

Rossy also crossed the Grand Canyon in May, despite first canceling his endeavor. At a speed of 190 mph he crossed the chasm in about 8 minutes after jumping from a helicopter.

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