How Yvette Nicole Brown Does Figure-Flattering Fashion On A Budget

Yvette Nicole Brown from "Community" and "The Odd Couple" is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who chooses not to have a stylist. Instead, the 43-year-old L.A.-based entertainer says she simply sticks with what she knows. "I find stuff that works for me," she says. "Like I'll find a dolman sleeve, or I really love pencil skirts."

And, she proudly does it all on a budget. "I buy my own clothes," Brown says. "Target, Marshalls, Macy's -- I go everywhere."

Though she's perfectly content dressing herself, Brown wonders if she's developing the right personal style. Looking for advice, she turns to "O, The Oprah Magazine" creative director and fashion expert Adam Glassman who invites her into the "O" magazine fashion closet on the Oprah.com web series, #AdamSays.

In the above video, Glassman critiques some of Brown's recent red carpet looks. "Don't be afraid," he reassures her. "I think you have great style and I think you're able to pull things together really well on your own."

Up first: A printed dress Brown wore to the "Walking Dead" premiere.

yvette nicole brown fashion

"I was thinking I wanted to wear something festive and fun because I love the show so much, and then of course, flats. Now, I did not love these boots in pictures," she admits. "I loved them on my feet and they're comfortable, but I think they make me look a little dumpy."

"I totally agree, sorry," Glassman tells Brown. His advice: Always wear a heel on the red carpet.

That said, Glassman loves the shape of this dress on Brown and the watercolor-like print. "I think print is tough, but I have this tip that a print should never be bigger than the size of your fist or it actually makes you look larger than what it is," he says.

yvette nicole brown fashion

In this next look, Brown is wearing a Karen Kane wrap jacket and admits she threw herself together in a hurry. "I think this top is too dark for this skirt," Glassman says. To make it work, he would have paired the skirt with a top in the same hue for a long and lean monochromatic look.

yvette nicole brown fashion

This last ensemble, a leopard-print Karen Kane wrap top paired with a Vince Camuto pencil skirt, is Brown's best. "This is my favorite look of anything I've ever worn," she says.

"You look hot," Glassman agrees. "The pencil skirt is your look and that's what you're going for."

The figure-flattering shape of a pencil skirt pairs perfectly with Brown's other love: dolman sleeve tops, which she says hide "a multitude of sins." Though Brown was concerned that the look was becoming her "uniform," Adam says it's great to have a go-to signature style.

"Absolutely," he says. "Stick with the uniform."



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