Zac Efron And Adam DeVine Are Here To Tell You A Raunchy Bedtime Story

This is probably NSFW.

When you were a kid, you probably asked your parents the age-old question: Where do babies/brothers/sisters come from? But if for some reason you're still looking for answers, Zac Efron and Adam DeVine are here for you. 

As part of the promotion for their upcoming film "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," 20th Century Fox released a hilarious new video featuring the film's two stars. In the clip, Efron and DeVine read what might be one of the raunchiest bedtime stories around, written of course, by their fictional characters, Mike and Dave Stangle.

Titled Where Do Brothers Come From, the story starts out innocently enough, with lines like, "Brothers are feisty, smelly and fun, but does anyone know where brothers come from?" and "One day it's only you on this earth, just mom and dad and plenty of mirth."

That's when things go from family-friendly to NSFW. 

"And then all of the sudden, there is another," Efron says. "They call that f**ker your loving brother."  

After the two have a laughing fit over the word wiener, like typical 13-year-old boys, DeVine continues, "But where did he come from, this brother of mine? Did he fall from a tree or travel through time?"

"The answer is simpler, simpler than you would have guessed," Efron adds. "It starts with some Pinot and a black leather dress." 

We think you can see where this is going ... Watch the whole video above. 



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