Zac Efron Breaks Jaw After Slipping In A Puddle Of Water

Zac Efron is known for his mega-watt smile, unfortunately it's going to be out of commission for quite some time.

Over the weekend, the 25-year-old actor slipped on a puddle of water at the entrance of his Los Angeles home and broke his jaw, which has been wired shut, reports E! News.

According to the website, the actor also suffered a gash that required stitches.

While the actor is expected to make a full recovery, it's the icing on the cake of a year full of struggles for Efron. Earlier this year, the actor went to rehab twice for cocaine abuse, and was reportedly known to "dabble" in Molly.

Efron was said to be doing better in recent months and focusing on getting his career back on track. However, with his latest accident, plans to promote his upcoming comedy, "That Awkward Moment" (due out in January), have been put on hold, according to People magazine.



Zac Efron