Zac Efron Can't Help But Make Fun Of His Epic 'Baywatch' Fall

The photo is priceless.

Zac Efron clearly hasn't perfected his slow-motion "Baywatch" beach run.

The actor, who's currently filming the upcoming reboot with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kelly Rohrbach, was recently photographed taking an epic fall while running with his co-stars along the shore. And this wasn't just a typical trip, or even a face plant -- Efron literally fell on his head and seemingly did some kind of somersault.

The photo, which he shared on Instagram, is priceless.

But like a champ, the former Disney star joked about his fall on the photo sharing app by typing out his internal monologue in the caption.

"*think cool thoughts* run cool- hit em with that COOL #Baywatch run...*cool thoughts* Yeah, thats it- Run coooool *cool thoughts* Oh yeah, Feelin it *think coo- AGH WTF- #notcool," he wrote.

Yeah, that pretty much sums things up.

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