So Zac Efron Doesn't Actually Hate 'High School Musical' After All

Oh, NOW they're in this together.
Pls let me break free. 
Pls let me break free. 

In the life cycle of every child star, there comes a moment when they have to distance themselves from the thing that made them famous. Think Hilary Duff and Lizzie McGuire, Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana or Zac Efron and Troy Bolton, the teen heartthrob of the "High School Musical" franchise. 

"I step back and look at myself and I still want to kick that guy’s ass sometimes,” Zac Efron once said, not mincing words. "He’s done some kind of cool things with some cool people, he did that one thing ['Neighbors'] that was funny, but I mean he’s still just that fucking kid from ['High School Musical.']"

Efron has put a lot of distance between himself and the Disney juggernaut. But it looks like we've finally come around to a point where the 28-year-old can appreciate his acting origins. On Friday, Efron shared a photo of himself with "HSM" co-stars Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and Corbin Bleu from 2008.

"So grateful I came across this picture," he captioned the throwback photo. "With the o.g. crew during one of the most cherished and exciting times of my life. Love you guys forever. #fbf

In January, the cast minus Efron reunited to celebrate the first film's 10-year anniversary (Yes, we are old AF now). Instead, he submitted a pre-taped message for the fans to compensate for his absence. But they had fun without him anyway. 

I'll love them forever ❤️❤️❤️

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10 bucks says they are all LOLing over Efron's finest onscreen moment. In fact, you can bet on it. 



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