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These Ridiculous Outfits Were Meant For Zac Efron (And Zac Efron Only)

There are so many reasons to love Zac Efron -- his impressive career and smoldering good looks, to name a few. But one thing that has particularly piqued our interest recently is his keen, if sometimes eclectic, sense of style.

When photos of Efron skateboarding his way through a grocery store surfaced Monday, we noticed a few things. First was an impressive ability to keep his balance with a shopping basket in tow. Secondly, (and arguably more importantly), his Canadian tuxedo/Toms combo, an outfit only he could get away with.

That got us thinking about other things only Zac Efron can wear. Purple pants, anyone? From beanies with board shorts to graphic tees with lady sunglasses, this "High School Musical" alum definitely has the whole frat-boy-meets-GQ model-meets-hipster thing down to a science.

Although, we have to admit -- those Toms were totally working on him.

Denim and shearling and more denim. Oy.

zac efron denim outfit

We're pretty sure you stole these sunnies out of our closet, Zac.

zac efron sunnies

Is there any other man that could pull off a satiny bordeaux suit? No. There is not.

zac efron silk suit

We get it. You're a Lakers fan.

zac efron lakers

Colorblocking much?

zac efron shoes

"I've got one hand in my pocket, and the other hand is... in my other pocket."

zac efron hands in pockets

How do you pull this color off? HOW??

zac efron patterned shirt

Worried about ear muffs messing up your hair? Zac's got you covered.

zac efron ear muffs

Is that short-sleeved shirt made


The hat, the sunglasses, the pants. Triple whammy.


He wasn't always so stylish...

Zac Efron

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