Zach Braff & Donald Faison Cover 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' (VIDEO)

"Scrubs" alum Zach Braff and Donald Faison brought fans a present this Christmas Day.

The actors -- who happen to be as close as their former medical on-screen counterparts J.D. and Turk in real life -- uploaded a video on their new YouTube account, zachndonald, of a "Baby, It's Cold Outside" duet.

Clad in suits, ties, and shades, Braff and Faison crooned the Christmas classic with Los Angeles behind them, an infinity pool beside them, and a couple of very Charlie Brown-esque Christmas trees on their makeshift set, bringing the holiday message home.

The deeply bromanced funnymen took the opportunity to alter and personalize some of the lyrics to better suit them, like "For real dog, your lips look delicious" and "Say, lend me your afro comb ... It's a f*****' brush!"