Zach Broussard Is Selling One Joke For $10.99 And If You Don't Hate Artists You'll Buy It

Would You Pay $10.99 For One Joke?

Remember how Louis C.K. released a comedy special on his own site for $5.00, and then lots of other famous comedians did it, too, because who needs THE MAN, right? Art, y'all, art.

Problem is, if you aren't already famous, it's hard to get thousands and thousands of people to come to your personal site to download your personal album, and that's not cool.

Comedians are constantly having to give their work away for free just for the pleasure of making the tiniest name for themselves: a few hundred more YouTube subscribers here, a few thousand more twitter followers there, and just maybe, maybe, maybe you get the pleasure of paying your own way to a festival where an industry gatekeeper might happen to catch your act IF you go up at a time when no one more famous is performing anywhere nearby.

And that's fine, it's the life of an artist, everybody gets it. BUT, what if one person stood up? What if one person said, "No." What if one person had the Sugar Smacks to say, "Famous or not, I've given away enough for free."

On August 21, Broussard is releasing his "Debut Comedy Single" (you read that right) entitled "Wanna Be A Grandpa." It contains one 17-second joke PLUS a dance remix of that joke. AND NOTHING ELSE.

It sells for $10.99.

So now you, dear reader, must decide what kind of person you want to be. Do you love comedy? Do you love art? Do you love being free from the machinations of corporate America? If you do, then your choice has never been more clear.

You must spend almost $11 for one joke by a guy you may have never even heard of. The soul of America probably depends on it.

You can purchase Broussard's "Wanna Be A Grandpa" here . Remember, it's up to you to support the artist.

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