Duck Dynasty Family Cousin Announces Congressional Bid

Zach Dasher (R), a pharmaceutical industry businessman and cousin to "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson, announced Monday he plans to run for Rep. Vance McAllister's (R-La.) House seat.

According to a press release obtained by the website LaPolitics, Dasher said he is seeking to represent the 5th District of Louisiana so that he can "effectively fight the big government intellectual elitists in Washington."

"Our rights do not come from a bunch of elite politicians in Washington, D.C. They come from the Almighty God," Dasher said, while also criticizing the government for its involvement in peoples' health care and the lives of farmers.

Dasher also told The News-Star that he wants to "help restore America to what she once was -- a nation that builds freedom and prosperity on the anchor of God."

His decision comes after McAllister recently said he's considering running for re-election, a reversal from the freshman lawmaker's comments in April that he would retire from Congress after he was caught kissing one of his staffers on camera.

McAllister was very close with the Robertson family, even inviting Willie Robertson to be his guest at the State of the Union earlier this year. A GOP operative told LaPolitics that their relationship has since frayed.

State Sen. Neil Riser (R) may also run in the primary.

Riser announced Monday afternoon he will not run in the primary after all. "I always go with my gut instincts and I think this race is winnable but I think there could be something else in the future, too," he said in a statement to LaPolitics. "I won’t be running in the 5th Congressional District this fall. I’m not ruling anything else out in the future, but I’m not going to be a part of this race in the fall."



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