A Beardless Zach Galifianakis On MTV In 1997 (VIDEO)

It seems like a rule nowadays that Zach Galifiankis must appear in every new comedy, but he hasn't always been a household name. Check out this scene from MTV's short-lived sitcom "Apt. 2F" in 1997. Do you recognize the guy in the red sweater? Yeah, it's a younger, beardless Galifianakis talking about "Ass clock pants" all right! You may also recognize the man in the back row as comedian Pablo Francisco*.

It's hard to imagine Galifianakis without his trademark beard, even after we saw him sport a buzzcut with it on Jimmy Fallon's show this week. Although "Apt. 2F" only lasted for a few months on MTV, it's obvious they had the right idea when casting it. Who knew Galifianakis (and his beard) would have so much success?

*CORRECTION: We were wrong! The man in the back who looks like a younger Pablo Francisco is actually Tom Cohen, executive producer of "Cash Cab," back when he worked at MTV. We apologize for the error.