Watch Zach Galifianakis Interview Bradley Cooper Seven Years Before 'The Hangover'

Watch Zach Galifianakis And Bradley Cooper Become BFFs Way Before 'The Hangover'

Galifianakis has been "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" for a while.

Before they were part of the Wolf Pack on "The Hangover" or even sat "Between Two Ferns," Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper became BFFs on Galifianakis' short-lived VH1 series, "Late World with Zach."

The chemistry between Galifianakis and Cooper is undeniable. They even share a telepathic connection. The interview includes foot massages, a chat about whale breath and an adorable moment when Cooper playfully humps the heck out of Galifianakis' belt buckle.

The show may have been canceled after only 9 episodes, but at least it was around long enough to give us this Internet gem.

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