Zach Galifianakis: Prefers Subtle Humor, Hates Cursing In Movies


Though he often comes off as a curmudgeon on both screen and stage, Zach Galifianakis' tastes in both his comedy and film roles reveal a softer side to the man. Or at least more unconventional.

In playing Alan in "The Hangover" and its sequel, Galifianakis takes on a socially awkward man-child who is desperate to make friends but possesses no concept of how normal humans of his age interact -- or express their frustration. That leads to some hilarious outbursts, as he yells out phrases more often heard from old women than men in their 30's facing life-threatening situations in Thailand.

As Galifianakis told, the lack of cursing fits him just fine, both for this character and for movies in general.

"You might think about how 'Oh my word!' is such an old lady thing that people say. Alan doesn't curse. I don't like cursing in movies," he said. "I feel like cursing has become the new hackiness. You try to find substitutions for cursing. Anyone can say 'Oh, f--k,' but 'Oh my word!' is something that you would only hear your great aunt say. For Alan to say it, who only hangs out with adults because he lives in his parents' house and doesn't have any friends, it's kind of a -- not that it's that thought out -- something that is just what he knows."

Galifianakis also spoke about the child actor who plays young Alan in a flashback sequence -- and how he was happy that the kid wouldn't be allowed to see the movie, as it's too raunchy for children. As much as he's hoping for a big box office take for the film, it's yet another person he's glad won't be seeing the movie. The other? His own mother, whom he won't allow to take in her own son's work.

"It is so bad in parts that I told my mom she is not allowed to see it. I forbid, forbade, forbid her from coming," the star recently told Entertainment Weekly.

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